Wedding Services:

Share your love of the Carolinas with your family & guests! We make personalized wedding favors, decorations, & gift boxes featuring local handcrafted goods.

We help with:

Gift baskets & boxes
Ceramic mugs
Etched glassware
Personalized candles
Matchbooks & matchboxes
Custom canvases
Decorated jars, vases, mugs, & tumblers
Table runners
License plates
Canvas totes
Drawstring bags
Beach bags
Stone, wood, & pulpboard coasters
Fine art prints (w/ cellophane packaging)
Vinyl decals & stickers
Laminated signs
Pins & buttons
Custom lighters
Screen-printed apparel
Custom hats

Contact Us:

If you have questions about an item that you don't see available, we can still help! We take custom orders seriously.

Email our Customer Service team any time: