White Wonder Watermelon


A delicious summertime watermelon with snow white flesh. Fruit can range from 4lbs to 8lbs and fit perfectly in containers or fridges. Sweeter than store-bought watermelons, this heirloom cultivars are related to melons that grow in the Kalahari Desert. Sold in a 2.5” biodegradable pots that are ready for late spring or early summer planting. Produces fruit in 80-100 days. (Credit for watermelon slice to @californiagardeningmom)

Available for local delivery or pick up in Durham County, North Carolina on 05/15/19. You will be e-mailed when your order is ready for pick up or delivery.

Taste and Experience

Taste is sweeter and savory in contrast to your run-of-the-mill pink watermelon you see in stores. According to the Washington State University, White Wonders have a 9.9 on the Brix scale, which put them in the very sweet category. Flesh is almost translucent when cut and is a dramatic contrast when compared to other melons

How To Grow Them

Like most watermelon plants, these produce long vines that produce big fruits, so don’t expect to produce these on an apartment balcony.

Ideally allocate 10 feet of space for longlong vines. Full sun, plenty of water, and rich soil are the keys to growing White Wonder Watermelons.


White watermelon cultivars originated from wild varities in South Africa. White Wonder Watermelons are related to Citron melons that grow throughout North Africa and especially the Kalamari Desert.

Until the 1800s most watermelons were white until commercialization transitiones most store bought varieties towards red-pink flesh. White Wonder’s attribute their white flesh to a lack of lycopene that develops in other varieties of watermelons.

Growing White Wonder Watermelons in your yard ensures that this heirloom variety will continue to exist and flourish.


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