The Hydrean


The Hydrean is a tactile mindfulness device designed to guide your awareness towards true intentional living. Its patented design and intuitive features allows you to create a mental space to perceive, reflect, and connect to what matters most.

With the purchase, you will receive:

An original, gold-plated Hydrean, crafted and hand polished
A high quality cord (turn your Hydrean into a pendant)
Unlimited, lifelong subscription to Hydrean’s growing library of mindfulness sessions

In 2016, world-renowned artist Michael Kliƫn, set out to create a tool that would answer the call for those of us seeking a stronger, more critical sense of mindfulness. Studying various religious meditation devices, he quickly realized the lack of secular tools to open and aid perception, and immediately got to work on creating a solution. Applying his artistic expertise, the idea of the Hydrean was finally born on the magnificent Greek island of Hydra and given shape at Duke University in 2017.


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Weight 1 oz


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