Otome Watermelon


One of the most beautiful melons that we offer. This unique treat from Nara Prefecture in Japan has an amazing coral colored flesh with a lime green rind. Produces adorable personal melon fruit (around 3-4 pounds) and delicious.

Available for local delivery or pick up in Durham County, North Carolina on 05/15/19. You will be e-mailed when your order is ready for pick up or delivery.

The Details

Otome Watermelon is a classic personal melon from Japan (meaning that it’s mostly intended for a single person to eat vs. melons that weigh in the 15 pounds or more range).

How To Grow Them

Otome watermelons are like most watermelons in that they require two things: space and irrigation. Plant to keep these watered and given them ample space to grow (as vines can grow up to 20 feet or more). Otome is known as a prolific producer, so plan to share with friends or neighbors.

Watermelons in Japan

In case you didn’t know, Japan and watermelons are a thing. Headlines about Japan and their love affair with strange and wonderful melons have dominated headlines in the United States for several years. Most news stories focus on the Japanese luxury fruit market that pushes watermelons, and melons in general, into strange new areas.

Just some examples of what we’re talking about:

  • Two Japanese melons sold for over $29,000 in 2018
  • There are melons that regularly sell for around $270
  • There are even specific fruit parlors that only sell luxury fruits


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