Orangeglo Watermelon


Unique and interesting watermelon plant with sweet and crisp orange flesh. Sold in a 2.5” biodegradable pots that are ready for late spring or early summer planting. Produces fruit in 70-80 days.

Available for local delivery or pick up in Durham County, North Carolina on 05/15/19. You will be e-mailed when your order is ready for pick up or delivery.

The Details

Sweet and crisp, orangeglo watermelons have a special reputation of igniting a special pre-summer “sigh.”

How to Grow Them

Watermelons need a long and warm growing season to produce fruit, although orangeglo watermelons grow faster than their red counterparts. Expect orangeglo watermelons to take 70 to 80 days to produce fruit and need space to expand. We do not recommend attempting to grow watermelons in small spaces since vines can reach up to 20 feet length.

If you know you have enough space, watermelons are typically easy to grow and low maintenance. Full sun, rich soil, and plenty of water are the keys to growth.


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