Mixed Peppers


Variety of peppers includes: 7 Pot Primos, Ghost/Bhut Jolokia pepper crosses, Bubble Gum pepper crosses, Naga pepper crosses, Reaper pepper crosses, Scorpion pepper crosses, etc
Peppers will be picked fresh per order.  Picked once a week or when the peppers are ripe and shipped 1-2 days after harvest to make sure the customer receives fresh product.
Shipped in small flat rate USPS boxes unless arranged for local pick up/delivery.
Anywhere from 20-30 peppers per order.  All peppers will be labelled so people know what is in each box.
USPS boxes should arrive 1-3 days after shipping depending on location.
Customers should make sure to freeze or dry any peppers not used 1-2 weeks after receiving so they do not rot.
Some peppers are very very hot and should be handled with care.  Use gloves and proper ventilation.  Avoid touching eyes, face, mouth, and other areas of the body after touching peppers.

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