Burny Wild’s Gift Set



Burny Wild’s Adventure Sauce: 12 oz bottle
The most versatile condiment ever. This creamy, dreamy heat sauce gets its unique, craveable flavor from hot yellow and chipotle peppers mixed with carrot, maple syrup, rosemary and more, making each and every drop as good as the first. Perfect on pastas, salads, burgers, fries, sushi, chips, veggies and more!

Eco-Centric Stickers: 4-Pack
Printed on extremely durable, weatherproof and dishwasher safe vinyl, these stickers are ready to face the elements

Comic Book: Escape From The Fumara
In all the history of books of living legends, one stands as the epitome of adventure, courage and intrigue. The one, the only, Burny Wild. Join him on one of his most colossal, death defying journeys yet, in Episode 1 of the Burny Wild chronicles: Escape From The Fumara. Over 70 printed pages of action-packed adventure, written and illustrated by founder Mike Rosado.

Burny Wild’s – Raleigh, NC

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