BIG Sauce Set


** Awards **

  • 2018 1st Place Professional Division – Sauce Boss Competition

This set comes with 3 bottles, a $21 value!

Mike D’s BIG Sauce is our twist on a traditional BBQ Sauce. It has the perfect blend of smokey and sweet just like our rub. There is a small hint of heat to balance the flavors, but it is a very mild sauce overall.

This sauce is a great compliment to your meat whether you grill it, fry it, smoke it, or bake it. It’s great with beef, pork, chicken, turkey, and pretty much anything else meat or not you want some BBQ sauce on!

Our sauce comes in a 16 fluid ounce glass bottle, which makes it easy to recycle or wash and reuse! These 16 ounces of goodness will have you wanting to Throw Some D’s on everything!

* Because there is a small amount of Worcestershire Sauce in the recipe, there will be trace amounts of fish as anchovies are an ingredient in Worcestershire Sauce

* Please allow up to 3 days of processing before shipment

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